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  • Sunday, November 3, 2019

    AirPods Pro: Noise Reduction on New Apple Earphones

    AirPods Pro: Noise Reduction on New Apple Earphones

    AUDIO Apple is launching its new AirPods Pro, an in-ear headset with Active Noise Reduction, on Wednesday, October 30th.

    The rumor was persistent. Apple has announced that its new AirPods Pro will be available for sale this Wednesday, October 30. And the rumor was true. With its AirPods Pro, Apple unveils a pair of wireless headphones (True Wireless) but with a noise reduction system.

    Another confirmation: the AirPods Pro are well in-ear. Instead of landing at the entrance of the ear like the classic AirPods, they have to sink slightly to be maintained.

    Noise reduction "intras"

    If the AirPods Pro keep a look close to that of their elders, the new headphones enter a new era. Intra-aucricular, they add passive isolation to their active noise reduction system. Not sure that everyone likes it: headphones "intras" have their aficionados who appreciate the extra bass that provides their listening, but also their detractors who can not stand to have a silicone tip stuck in the ear canal . Even if, for maximum listening comfort, Apple provides three different sizes of tips.

    To minimize external noise, Apple uses two microphones. The first detects ambient noise and creates an opposite signal to cancel it. Oriented towards the ear, the second microphone takes care of the residual noises then purifies even more the listening. The manufacturer claims that 200 operations are performed per second to get the best sound. An adaptive equalization system transforms according to Apple the sound reproduction according to the shape of the ear. To see ... or rather to "hear"!

    New touch functions

    Once in his musical bubble, the AirPods Pro user can still stay connected to the outside world by removing the noise reduction by a long press on the small branch of the right earpiece. What Apple calls its "Transparency Mode".

    Other gestures allow to activate the play / pause (a support), to move to the next piece (two supports), to go back (three supports). It seems intuitive enough. Of course, it is possible at any time to call SIRI, the assistant of Apple.

    Resistant to water and sweat

    Supplied with their inductive charging case / battery and offering up to 24 hours of battery life (4.5 hours of battery life), AirPod Pro is also water and sweat resistant. It is a real progress against their elders who were officially not waterproof, even if the sportsmen know that they could endure some fine rains.

    Identity sign

    Still, after Sony and its WF-1000XM3 headphones, it's the apple brand that officially launches into the race for noise-canceling headphones. While the AirPods Pro are launched at 279 euros, the classic AirPods remain on sale (from 179 euros). Without any figures being revealed, we know that Apple literally treats the market for True Wireless headphones, while other brands like Jabra, Bose or JBL try to hang up the cars. Launched at the end of 2016, the AirPods have transformed the world of audio by completely cutting the wires with smartphones. Hordes of fans have even made AirPods an identity object. Impossible to miss them in the street: in their ears small growths with white hanging antennas allow them to claim their membership in the community. In short, if you do not have AirPods at 15, you have (a little) missed your life.

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