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  • Sunday, November 3, 2019

    "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare": A war game that is both realistic and fun, is it possible?

    "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare": A war game that is both realistic and fun, is it possible?

    VIDEO GAME With this reboot of "Modern Warfare", the license "Call of Duty" moves away from the action blockbuster for a more realistic experience, more authentic, and therefore less comfortable, less fun?

    Like FIFA and sports games, Call of Duty is set like a clock and returns each year with a new iteration. Almost sublicensed, with World War II (World War II, WWII), Black Ops, and perhaps the best known, Modern Warfare. Nearly ten years after the original trilogy, Modern Warfare returns Friday on PS4, Xbox One and PC, not in the form of a sequel but a reboot.

    "It seemed to us that enough time had passed, that the world had changed enough to make a different game," says Taylor Kurosaki, narrative director at Infinity Ward. The first Modern Warfare were anchored in a climate and discomfort post-9/11, but it is ancient history today, a time that the young recruits of the army did not even know. It's a whole new world, and a brand new modern war against terror and terror. "

    New stories, new points of view

    Since the announcement of the game and its presentation at E3, the elements of language are honed, hammered: The world has changed, and with him the war, the enemies, the battlefields. The war is morally more complex, the enemies less defined and identifiable, and this new Call of Duty offers to explore these gray areas, not to close the eyes on the collateral damage. "One of our priorities was to highlight the local allies and forces, who find themselves caught in the fire of a war that is not necessarily theirs, but that of the powers, and who often pay the price. For them, to go to war does not mean to go far on the front, but to protect his village, his relatives. We wanted to tell their stories, to marry their point of view, what the Call of Duty series had never really done. "

    Crossing or not the yellow line

    The solo campaign puts the player in the skin, in turn, a British policeman, Kyle Garrick, a CIA agent, Alex, and the head of the rebels, Farah. "In my youth, I would have loved to see such a character on the screens, any screen, commented his interpreter, Claudia Doumit. A Middle East woman, strong, independent, fighting for freedom. "

    Farah is presented as the moral benchmark by the team of the game, in comparison to Captain Price, historical figure of the license, big mustache, big arms and old methods. "Where do we put the yellow line," rookie Kyle asks at one point. "You put the line where you need to put it," says old wolf Price. "Farah is fighting terrorists, capable of anything to conquer, and must ask: how to respect the rules if my enemy has none," adds Kurosaki.

    Explore gray areas

    Is this woman a civilian or a terrorist? Does she turn around to protect her baby or to take a weapon? The player is regularly faced with uncomfortable situations, difficult choices. This is the famous gray area of the war. "Each action has consequences on the continuation, the dialogues, the history", details the narrative director of Modern Warfare. Until a certain point. "No, it is not possible to kill the mother and her baby," he adds, referring to an intense and immersive infiltration mission in London. As it would not be possible during a real military operation. We have the same standards. If you shoot anything that moves, you should be arrested and tried before a court martial. But, of course, not that here.

    "The cinema tackles hard subjects, why not the video game?

    If Call of Duty is no longer the blockbuster of action that it could be, and approaches the realism of a Spec Ops: The Line, a commercial failure when it was released in 2012 by the way, it is intended also always a fun war game. Is it possible ? "Take the example of cinema, argues Taylor Kurosaki of Infinity Ward. You can go see a light comedy or an intense thriller, which clings to your seat, jostles you, excites you. We accept that movies cover hard, complicated topics, why not video games? All stories must be told, lived. In this sense, the infiltration mission in London is fun, it takes me to the guts, I want to know what will happen. But we agree that it is not possible to hold this intensity all along, it would be too stressful, tiring, unsustainable. The game also gives pride to camaraderie, empathy, victory ... There is a whole spectrum of emotions to explore. "

    "You have to have the ball in your stomach when you pull the trigger," adds actress Claudia Doumit. It's uncomfortable, and that's good. Each choice must resonate in you, you're not here to laugh, and shoot in all directions. For Elliot Knight, Sgt. Kyle Garrick's interpreter, this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is helping to redefine entertainment and raise awareness: "The intended audience, FPS fans, do not necessarily expect a game if complex, guided not by action but by history and characters. So young recruit, mission accepted?

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