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  • Monday, December 23, 2019

    1 More Stylish True Wireless wireless headphones: good audio quality at a competitive price

    1 More Stylish True Wireless wireless headphones: good audio quality at a competitive price

    In spite of quite some design, the 1More Stylish True Wireless wireless headphones offer a very good sound and a correct autonomy for a reasonable price.

    We can not say how much True Style Stylish True Wireless 1More really have a style, but one thing is certain, their audio quality is really very satisfactory for 99% 100% wireless headphones. They are equal and sometimes even better than other more expensive models.

    1More has made a name for itself with its wired headphones, the Triple Drivers, which sound great and offer a very good value for money. We find this same clear and balanced sound in the first real 1More wireless headphones. Although they are not quite at the level of Triple Drivers, they still sound great for totally wireless headphones.

    They have a more audiophile sound profile, with a more "accurate" sound, so bass lovers might be a little disappointed. But we liked this rendering with brilliant highs, deep enough and well defined bass, natural mediums with just the right amount of presence.

    Of course, having a tight fit has contributed a lot to this result. Headphones are comfortable to wear and relatively lightweight. They sound a little better than Anker's Liberty Air Soundcore, but they're even more comfortable. This point is obviously subjective and experience in this area is likely to vary.

    The autonomy is given for 6.5 hours (rather plan on 5 hours if you listen to your music at a higher volume), with about 17 hours overtime provided by the case-charger. It's a little better than the majority of the 100% wireless competitors, especially the AirPods that reach 5 hours.

    The audio quality of Stylish True Wireless is also superior to that of AirPods that do not have as much bass or rich sound, thanks in part to their lack of waterproofness. The PowerBeats Pro, which has an in-ear design that isolates outside noise, has a more powerful sound with more bass, but they are significantly more expensive. Other high-end models, like the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless may seem a little better, but they are also much more expensive.

    Where Stylish True Wireless are fishing, it is the level of performance for hands-free calls that is not up to the competitors cited and the Elite Active 65t Jabra. Although 1More boasts the presence of a noise reduction technology, and the headphones worked well to make calls, some people told us that our voice was sometimes a little muffled and asked us to repeat.

    In terms of ergonomics, each earphone has a button that allows you to skip forward and backward tracks and to pause / resume playback and answer / end calls. When the music is paused, two quick clicks will activate your voice assistant.

    There is no companion app to adjust the sound or additional functions, which suits us well. We could have a jog with no problem with these headphones that are resistant to perspiration.


    In the end, the somewhat generic design of Stylish True Wireless and their insulation fit will not necessarily please everyone. If you do not like ear-tips, go your way. But in terms of audio quality and autonomy, they give you a lot for your money.

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