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  • Saturday, December 21, 2019

    15 apps to remove on Android

    15 apps to remove on Android

    Security vendor Sophos warns of apps that display ads on Android all the time. These are malicious apps that have settled in place of others.

    76%. This is the market share of Android in the world on October 15, and that represents billions of users. So many targets for hackers who use Google Play to trap the owners of smartphones with fake applications or applications verolated.

    According to security expert Sophos, the number of malicious applications is increasing every month; the firm warns against 15 apps that spately the user of commercials. This is usually called adware, and they hide in seemingly trivial applications. In total, they exceed one million installations, and this is obviously a lot, especially since the pirates derive income.

    Scam, instructions for use

    In this case, these apps display advertisements and hide their icons to prevent the user from locating and removing them. According to Sophos, some even change the phone settings. The Antivirus Editor gives the example of an application, Free Call & Messages. The user thinks to install an application to make free calls and the icon appears in Android. Until then, nothing to fear. Except that when you launch the application, the following message appears: "The application is incompatible with the device."

    For the user, this means that the app does not work on their device, and it is then returned to the Google Maps page on Google Play. In fact, it's a smoke screen to allow the app to disappear from the phone. Its icon is removed from the phone, but it will then act in the background and display advertisements permanently. In all, Sophos has identified 15 applications, including this very popular VoIP messaging, but also a QR code scanner, or a photo editing tool.

    15 apps to remove on Android

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