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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    5G: Chinese giant Huawei plans to open a factory in Europe

    5G: Chinese giant Huawei plans to open a factory in Europe

    The president of the group, Liang Hua, ensures that any request for espionage coming from Beijing will be refused.

    Huawei president Liang Hua told AFP that the Chinese telecoms giant is planning to establish its first component factory for 5G networks outside of China in Europe and has pledged to refuse any spy requests that come from Beijing.

    The world leader in telecom equipment, the group based in Shenzhen (southern China) has been in the sights of the United States for almost two years, who fear that the Chinese intelligence services may use its equipment to spy on other countries.

    In 2017, China nevertheless promulgated a law which enjoins "all organizations and citizens to support, help and cooperate in the national intelligence effort", according to the law.

    These assurances come when European countries, despite strong pressure from Washington, fail to adopt a common position against Huawei, at a time when the continent's telecom operators are choosing the equipment to set up their future 5G networks (new generation of ultra-fast mobile telephony).

    A strategic market for the group, Europe is the subject of all the attention of Huawei, which announced, in early November, a global investment of $ 40 billion over the next five years.

    Of this amount, about 4 billion could be spent in France on purchases of components and services, said Liang Hua in an exclusive interview with AFP this week. It is double the amount spent over the last five years by Huawei in France, where the Chinese group also has five research and development centers.

    Better: Huawei could open a factory on the continent where it would produce components for 5G networks, its first of its kind outside its country of origin.

    “Regarding 5G technologies, we are currently planning to manufacture our own components in Europe, to have a production base there (...). We are currently carrying out a feasibility study to open a factory in Europe, ”said Liang Hua, without advancing a possible location.

    The group has already had to thoroughly review its supply routes and the production of chips for its telecom equipment following American sanctions blocking its purchases of crucial components from American specialists in the sector (Micron, Qualcomm or Intel in particular).

    "Already, in the field of 5G technologies, we are no longer dependent today on supplies from American manufacturers of chips and other components," he said, referring to a strategy of "survival For the group.

    Believing that Huawei has "close links with the Communist government and the Chinese military apparatus", the United States had indeed prohibited in May the American companies to deal with the Chinese group.

    This also deprives Huawei, also the world's second largest smartphone maker, of having access for its devices to Google's Android operating system.

    Despite US sanctions, the group should however have delivered in 2019 "between 245 and 250 million" smartphones worldwide, assured Liang Hua - a sharp increase compared to the 206 million units delivered in 2018, according to the cabinet. IDC.

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