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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    5G Frequency Allocation: Why is it slow?

    5G Frequency Allocation: Why is it slow?

    The assignment of 5G frequencies to operators should take three months late. Details of the auction process have not been set yet.

    While the 5G auction in France was initially scheduled for autumn 2019, operators will have to be patient and wait until March 2020!

    Difficult negotiations

    According to Reuters, citing "two sources familiar with the matter," this delay in the calendar is due to a disagreement between the Ministry of Finance, led by Bruno Le Maire, and the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Post (Arcep), chaired by Sebastien Soriano.

    The object of the conflict would be the exact size of the spectrum to be auctioned and the floor price to be fixed. "All the opinions have not yet converged between the Arcep and the government [...] It should not take much time now, but it is when we go into the last details of the procedure that difficulties arise", explains one of the two sources, who would have" a direct knowledge of the negotiations".

    France is falling behind

    We do not know more about the positions of each other. We imagine that in terms of prices, Arcep tries to convince the government to be as greedy as possible. The more expensive operators are to obtain frequencies, the more difficult the investments in the actual deployment of 5G will be.

    As a result of this delay, France is beginning to take a serious delay in this area, particularly with regard to South Korea, Japan, China and the United States. Closer to home, the situation has been unblocked. Monaco is 100% covered in 5G, while in Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, some cities already have access to 5G and deployment is progressing.

    We begin to doubt that two French in three will indeed have access to 5G in 2025, as promised by Arcep a few months ago.

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