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  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019

    Acer Predator Triton 900: a 2 in 1 laptop for the game

    Acer Predator Triton 900: a 2 in 1 laptop for the game

    If you add an external keyboard and keep it stationary on the desktop, the 17-inch Acer Predator Triton 900 will make an excellent compact PC for gaming or programming. But as a laptop, keyboard and battery life may be prohibitive for some.

    Just like the Microsoft Surface Studio desktop PC, if you plan to buy the Acer Predator Triton 900, do it for its screen. Because for the rest, it's just a 17-inch gaming laptop that's expensive but fast that has many competitors.
    Its touch screen 4K multi-angle can compensate for its few defects in front of which a keyboard very badly arranged and a really short autonomy. In addition, the Predator Triton 900 is expensive (4,500 euros). Competitive configurations at Alienware or Razer are under 3,000 euros.

    Better than two in one

    The Triton 900 is a two-in-one of the same category as Lenovo's Yoga and their screen that rotates 360 degrees to use them in four different positions. The Triton 900's screen is much more elaborate: it can rotate up to 90 degrees while the arms that hold it can go from (more or less) flat to vertical, making it more versatile.

    Unlike a two-in-one, it has no tent mode, but it can be put in any other similar position. In addition, it's a touch screen, something we rarely see on gaming notebooks. Because you can position the screen almost over the keyboard, the touch screen can actually be adapted for maximum comfort. With an external keyboard, the kiosk mode (when the keyboard is behind the screen rather than the front) is excellent.

    Unlike a normal laptop screen, being able to change the tilt while maintaining the angle is very convenient to adapt to lighting conditions and possible reflections. The Triton 900 IPS panel covers 100% of the Adobe RGB. But it is not calibrated in the factory and it is not very bright, with a peak at about 340 nits. The system is powerful enough to play in 1080p and probably in 1440p depending on the game. But the titles that pass in 4K do not generally enjoy a better resolution and we are constrained by the refresh rate of 60Hz.

    Badly arranged keyboard

    Because the cooling fans are above the keyboard, the touch pad has been shifted to the right and also serves as a virtual keypad. It is done quickly enough, even if we would have liked it to be backlit.

    But because of the location of the touchpad, the keyboard is picked up in 80% of the space of a normal keyboard, with at the same time smaller keys and the weirder layout we've seen in a while. It's not only awful to type, it's also bad if you have any muscle memory or if you use special characters in passwords. And no matter the position of the fingers to play, we are cramped. It's a shame, because the keys themselves are very nice and are backlit individually. But hey, we can not recommend it for a game that requires speed or accuracy.

    The rest of the configuration is pretty standard, with a full range of ports. The quality of finish is sufficiently robust. The sound is neither good nor bad, it is just not powerful enough.

    We liked Ace's PredatorSense software, which offers a full set of control, lighting management, cooling, macro programming and three programmable buttons. GPU overclocking options are limited to Normal, Fast and Extreme.

    In the category of gaming laptops with poor autonomy, the Triton 900 is a cador. It only lasted an hour and a half during our endurance test. If you want to operate in overclocked GPU mode "Extreme", you must not only be connected to the mains but also have a load of at least 40%.

    The downside is that our performance tests were not run in this Extreme mode, so do not expect it to close the performance gap with the EON 17X Origin and Area-51m when pressing the Turbo button on the keypad. But since they both incorporate eight-core i9-9900K processors compared to the Triton's six-core i7-9750H, the latter is doing pretty well.

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