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  • Saturday, December 21, 2019

    Amazon is seriously attacking Spotify and Apple Music

    Amazon is seriously attacking Spotify and Apple Music

    Even if its offer is not very readable, Amazon launches on smartphone a free service to listen to streaming music. For the moment, this concerns Germany, the United States and Great Britain. In France, you can take advantage of an offer for less than one euro for unlimited access to the complete catalog of the merchant site. It's valid for four months.

    It was a long time ago that Amazon is no longer just the world's number 1 in e-commerce. Cloud, connected objects, SVOD, tablets, online advertising... Like Google, the American giant has established itself in all sectors and has decided to shake the online music market.

    Few people know but Amazon has its own streaming music platform with tens of millions of titles. The catalog has nothing to envy to giants like Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. Except that the offer is unreadable with Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music and now... Amazon Music Free.

    An application for iOS and Android

    Already available on the speakers connected Echo and Alexa since the beginning of the year, the latter offers access to the entire catalog for free but through playlists and radio stations. We can not listen to a specific album of an artist. Available in the United States, Germany and England, Amazon announces that it is now available on iPhone or Android, by installing an application. It can also be accessed on any computer and you only need to have an Amazon account to access it. Without entering his bank details and it is not negligible.

    So it's free, in exchange for audio ads that appear from time to time. This new offer does not make more readable that of Amazon since the user now has the choice between half a dozen offers. There is Amazon Music Free, available for free for the greatest number; then there is Prime Music with two million free titles for those with a premium subscription; then, there is Amazon Music Unlimited which, as its name suggests, provides access to the entire catalog for 9.99 euros per month, the same price as the competition. But there is also Amazon Music HD, which is simply Amazon Music Unlimited HD version, and the price goes to 14.99 euros per month. And if you are a premium subscriber, the subscription is cheaper.

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