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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Amnesty International denounce monitoring of Facebook and Google

    Amnesty International denounce monitoring of Facebook and Google

    The NGO is worried about the impossibility for billions of people to do without the services offered by GAFAM, and pleads for more regulation on the part of governments.

    Amnesty International does not go out of its way to describe the practices of Google and Facebook. The NGO has published a report that points to the widespread surveillance put in place by the two companies through their various services.

    The business model of Google and Facebook described as a "threat" to human rights

    The study shows that Google now captures 90% of searches worldwide and that one third of the world uses one of the online services held by Facebook daily. "Billions of people have no choice but to access this public space according to conditions dictated by Facebook and Google," said Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International.

    The crux of the problem comes from the economic model specifically put in place by these two companies, based on the collection of personal data necessary for the development of targeted advertising, described as a "systemic threat to human rights".

    "The predominance of platforms means that it is now impossible to engage on the Internet without" consenting "to their business model based on monitoring," the report adds.

    "The extraction and analysis of personal data, in such gigantic proportions, are incompatible with the different facets of the right to privacy, including the freedom not to intrude into our private lives, the right to control information about us and the right to a space allowing us to freely express our identities".

    Amnesty International wants emergency regulation of these platforms

    Amnesty International is therefore advocating for a change in the business model of these companies. Questioned by The Verge on this subject, Facebook preferred to kick in touch with the voice of one of its spokespersons: "Our business model is how groups like Amnesty International, which currently broadcast advertisements on Facebook, reach their supporters, raise funds and advance their mission."

    The other solution is state regulation of the practices of these companies. If governments are actively addressing the issue right now, Amnesty International wants to move faster.

    "Now is the time to reclaim this vital public space for everyone rather than some powerful companies in Silicon Valley that are unaccountable," says Naidoo.

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