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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Chrome OS: Gesture navigation comes on tablet and Chromebook

    Chrome OS: Gesture navigation comes on tablet and Chromebook

    Star of the new features of Android 10, the detection of movements could land in Chrome OS, and it would concern both tablets and Chromebook hybrids.

    Android or Chrome OS, tablets competing Apple's iPad have never managed to shade it, and Google has even thrown in the towel by abandoning his Pixel Slate. However, the developers do not forget the existing models, and our 9to5google colleagues discovered that they were working on an adaptation of the gesture navigation revealed with Android 10.

    This is for Chrome OS tablets and hybrid Chromebooks, and it's hidden in the current development. Activatable via the "# shelf-hotseat" command, it modifies the general design, and the task bar at the bottom of the interface is no longer glued to the bottom of the screen. Instead, there is a thin net, a kind of horizontal bar, and it's a sign of a change.

    Ideal for Hybrid Chromebooks?

    In this case, it is the usual tactile functions that become gestural functions. There are three of them: backspace, preview and home screen. According to our colleagues, who found this find, a very small part of the screen is dedicated to gestural navigation, and more precisely to scanning. For the user to be certain that it is taken into account, a small arrow will be displayed.

    Many options would then be available depending on the element displayed but also the gesture made. Maybe the implementation of its features so attractive Android 10 will boost interest in tablets under Chrome OS. One thing is certain, for hybrid Chromebooks, it's worth trying.

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