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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Discover the OPPO Reno2, the smartphone that innovates side photo

    Discover the OPPO Reno2, the smartphone that innovates side photo

    With the OPPO Reno2, the world's fifth smartphone brand goes further than ever in the field of mobile photography. Discover this new smartphone, which leaves nothing to chance to immortalize your memories.

    If you always buy a smartphone to keep in touch and surf the Internet, you can not deny that photography is more and more important when it comes to choosing a new model. And that, the OPPO brand has understood: with its range of smartphones Reno, it offers Android terminals that push far beyond the experience in photography.

    The OPPO Reno2 is a new proof. This new smartphone has just landed in France, and it is already a model in the field of shooting on a mobile terminal. The program includes a quadruple photo sensor incorporating a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 high-definition mainframe sensor with optical stabilization, supported by an 8-megapixel 116 ° ultra-angle lens, a 13-megapixel telephoto lens with autofocus and a 2-megapixel portrait lens. An already strong proposal, but that's not all: the OPPO Reno2 also benefits from a Hybrid x5 Zoom and a Digital Zoom x20, which allow you to shoot with a telescopic view, to get closer to you. your subject. And, in addition, a 16 megapixel front sensor allows you to make selfies with great accuracy.

    Successful photographs, whatever happens

    With a sophisticated photo material, the brand completes the OPPO Reno2 proposal with a very advanced software component. With Total Night Mode, you benefit from intelligent noise reduction and refined performance through artificial intelligence, which allows you to succeed in your shots, even in complete darkness. No need for flash to capture the magic of the night.

    As for Mode Portrait 2.0, it offers you a whole series of tools to take pictures of your loved ones as if you were a real pro. The AI ​​Beauty mode combines shooting with a soft-light flash, which perfectly illuminates the subject's face to enhance it. HDR Portrait mode, on the other hand, reduces the brightness in overexposed areas and automatically brightenes underexposed areas for a perfectly balanced and artistic result. As for the Portrait Bokeh mode, it manages the blur around the subject, to highlight it in front of the set, even before taking the picture: this allows you to make a precise shot, according to your desires. The OPPO Reno2 is one of the first smartphones in the world to offer a video Bokeh effect both front and back.

    And if all that was not enough for you, you can also enjoy a series of six predefined filters, to give a vintage effect to your photos. The choice is yours to express your creativity.

    Ultra Stable Mode, for videos worthy of an Action Camera

    The OPPO Reno2 displays strong arguments on the photo side, but it does not abandon the video for all that! Indeed, the smartphone is capable of shooting in 4K at 30 fps, 720p and 1080p up to 60 fps. With

    its Ultra Stable Mode, it allows to make videos clear and fluid, as can the action cameras available on the market. A result made possible by its system of prediction of laying high precision with inertial navigation and its stabilization at the same time optical and numerical. The fluidity is ensured by a high frame rate, at 60 ips. What will allow you to film all your exploits and share them on your favorite platforms!

    The OPPO Reno2 also allows zooming in videos, and has a wind noise reduction system. Finally, thanks to its directional microphone, it can amplify the sounds coming from the subject on which you zoom, for a mixing in real time.

    More than just an Android smartphone, the OPPO Reno2 is like a complete camera, coupled with a very powerful camera. So much reason to be seduced by this terminal, offered at the recommended retail price of 499 euros with 256 GB of storage space.

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