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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Distanced by Instagram for several months, Snapchat succeeds its reconquest

    Distanced by Instagram for several months, Snapchat succeeds its reconquest

    Announced as being on the decline for some time, Snapchat is attracting users again. The latest results of the company show that his change of strategy was the right one.

    Snapchat is in full swing. After going through a complicated period last year - punctuated by a loss of users and a new highly criticized design - the social network is back to growth. Its parent company, Snap, has just released its results for the second quarter of 2019 and these show that the company's strategy is bearing fruit.

    203 million snapchaters every day

    In the last three months, approximately 203 million people have been on Snapchat at least once a day. This represents an additional 13 million users in just three months while this meter seemed to have stopped for at least a year (190 million in Q1 2019, 188 million in Q2 2019).

    The company has found a way to attract new people, this time back after their registration. Note that with more than 500 million daily users, Instagram does not really play in the same yard.

    The reasons for this comeback

    Should we really compare Snapchat to Instagram today? In recent months, the company has changed its strategy by launching many original content, a video game service and promotes its "real life" aspect (an advertisement is currently broadcast on television and in the cinema). Unlike Instagram, Snapchat says to be done so you can communicate with your friends and not idolize celebrities.

    Thus, the company announces that 3.5 billion Snap messages are sent every day, proving that the application is a full-fledged email service. Its Discover service, which contains various types of business content, attracts 35% more users in one year and even gains in time of use. We spend 65% more time in front of Snap's Discover videos. The Snap Shows, original content like our show Tech a Break, have tripled their audience in just one year.

    Finally, Snapchat boasts the good results of its new Android application. The social network developers have started from scratch to improve the flow of the service. Direct consequence: owners of smartphones other than iPhone spend more time in the application and send 7% more snaps.

    With sales up 38% year-on-year ($ 388 million), Snap is reassuring this quarter. His estimates for the next quarter (between $ 410 and $ 435 million) also suggest that this episode is not an accident and that the company has made a success of its metamorphosis. It still has a big goal: to become profitable. In view of the company's losses today, Snap is not yet making a profit.

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