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  • Monday, December 23, 2019

    EA and Steam: we know a little more about the terms of their partnership

    EA and Steam: we know a little more about the terms of their partnership

    Yesterday, October 29th, EA put an end to the rumors: yes, its titles will return well on Steam as of November 14th. If the contours of this agreement were still unclear at the time of the announcement, they are now a little less.

    On the occasion of the announcement of its financial results, EA returned to the terms of its partnership with Valve / Steam, formalized yesterday at the end of the day. Indeed, the two platforms have not worked together since 2011, a separation that took place at the exit (controversial) of Crysis 2.

    As we thought, it will be impossible to migrate its Origin game library to Steam. On the other hand, EA announced to work with Steam to set up a large crossplatform system to allow players who have bought the same game on different blinds to still be able to play together. Hopefully this will be functional in the middle of the month or in the days that follow.

    A special EA Access version for Steam

    EA also plans to make its EA Access video game offer available on Steam, a service that made its debut on Xbox One in 2014 and just arrived on PlayStation 4. Contrary to what we thought, EA Origin Access Premier (OAP) remains an exclusive EA and will not be accessible via Steam. This service will continue to offer content different from that of its new EA Access peer on Steam.

    This PC version of EA Access could be equivalent to that of consoles, which offers 40 titles on PS4 and about 80 on Xbox One. As a reminder, at present, the offers Origin Access Basic and Premier on PC are rich respectively 235 and 247 titles. It is possible that the EA Access PC catalog is enriched with some titles, while remaining at the same price as the console versions that are currently offered at 3.99 euros per month (or 24.99 euros per year).

    For EA, the margin from gaming and service sales is smaller via Steam than through Origin, with Valve generally charging a commission that ranges from 20% to 30% of the selling price by volume. Mike Blank (Senior Vice President of EA) declined to comment on any potential preferential agreement regarding the Valve commission.

    A Mike Blank who added that EA "is open to all forms of partnerships," suggesting that the publisher could also offer its titles on other platforms such as the Epic Games Store for example. With the arrival of Stadia and others, the historical publishers sharpen their weapons to take the shock of cloud gaming.

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