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  • Saturday, December 21, 2019

    Firefox 70 focuses on security and privacy

    Firefox 70 focuses on security and privacy

    The new version of the browser blocks cookies from social networks and provides detailed reports on tracking your activity on the Web.

    Mozilla has released version 70 of its web browser. The interface does not change from version 69 but the editor has changed the icon of his red panda (Firefox in English), which still looks like a fox.

    Fortunately, Mozilla was not content with a little cosmetics. Firefox 70 continues the action of the publisher against the advertising sneaks (trackers). Its Enhanced Tracking Protection feature now blocks cookies from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    The browser has a very comprehensive report generation function to know exactly which cookies have been blocked and set the level of security you want. The report also includes information about possible data leaks that you may be the victim of.

    Better password management

    Firefox 70 also includes the Lockwise password manager. It allows to administer them more easily and has an automatic generation system. Passwords can be synced to Android and iOS mobile devices using the Lockwise Firefox app.

    Finally, Firefox 70 should improve performance. For Windows, Mozilla is implementing its new WebRender rendering engine that takes advantage of GPUs and will be enabled by default on PCs with Intel integrated graphics processors. The rendering of pages has also been improved under macOS and Mozilla promises faster loading, less resources for video display and reduced power consumption. Promising promises for laptop users.

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