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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Google Health: Google interferes in health... but it's for your good

    Google Health: Google interferes in health... but it's for your good

    After revelations about the medical data collected without notifying the people concerned, Google takes the floor again to explain how its software advances could make life easier for healthcare professionals and patients.

    Health is today the new playground for GAFAM. Since November, Google has regrouped all its medical divisions under the Google Health banner but has remained quite discreet about its projects.

    Artificial intelligence tools for doctors and hospitals

    The revelation a few days ago of the collection of health data by the search engine has created controversy, despite its legal nature. To reassure his customers, and prove his good intentions, Google has opened a web page dedicated to his medical research project.

    It is Dr. David Feinberg who speaks to explain Google's mission to "help everyone live a healthier life." He continues by detailing the various services that the Google ecosystem offers to all users: "We do our best to provide the most accurate and useful information through services like Google Search, Maps, Assistant, Fit and WearOS connected watches".

    Google ensures that the data useful to its projects are encrypted

    Google also reviews his research in artificial intelligence and explicit "Patient Search", this dashboard to aggregate health data of each individual to give an overview of its current pathologies and treatments.

    "We will pull all that information out of your chart, so your doctor can spend more time with you, looking at you instead of looking in the computer," says David Feinberg. All of this data will be stored on Google Cloud and analyzed to offer recommendations to doctors and nurses and to detect pathologies more quickly.

    Google ends with an inevitable focus on data security. The company ensures that these are encrypted and are only used for research projects related to health, without being associated with the user's advertising profile.

    It remains to be seen whether this beautiful speech will convince the general public, concerned about how large private companies invest in a field as intimate as their health.

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