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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Instagram: The end of the number of likes soon effective in France

    Instagram: The end of the number of likes soon effective in France

    This new Instagram policy, still in the testing phase, now extends outside the United States.

    The test is about to be generalized: Instagram's likes should soon disappear from screens around the world.

    The social network stresses, however, that this new display is still in the testing phase and, although the tests have been extended around the world, including France, all users are not yet affected. It may be that some can still see the number of likes on a post, while others do not. "This is a fundamental change for Instagram and we are continuing our test to learn more about our global community," says Instagram.

    We can always count our own likes

    If these tests try to verify the benefits or not of the number of likes on the posts of other users, the social network specifies however that users can always see their number of likes on their own publications. It will only be invisible to others. A way to avoid the race for likes and the approval of others since the figure will not be visible. "We want subscribers to focus on what they share, not how many likes their posts collect," says Instagram.

    The disappearance of the number of likes is a change deeper than it appears. Indeed, the advent of social networks has pushed many users to run after these small interactions, a kind of approval by the community. The absence or the lack of likes can sometimes be badly experienced by certain users.

    Obviously, the disappearance of these mentions "I like" will certainly be more difficult to digest by influencers, especially for signing contracts with brands. This is why Instagram is looking for a specific solution for these users. "We understand that the number of likes is important to many creators and we are actively looking for ways for creators to communicate value to their partners," says Instagram.

    If the social network actually extends its test to the whole world, nothing says that this new policy will be applied indefinitely. There are several factors to consider for the social network and this is not necessarily about the well-being of users.

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