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  • Monday, December 23, 2019

    League of Legends is coming soon on iOS and Android (pre-registrations for the beta are open)

    League of Legends is coming soon on iOS and Android (pre-registrations for the beta are open)

    Riot Games has announced a mobile version for League of Legends during its 10-year MOBA cult event.

    League of Legends celebrates ten years! On the occasion of the anniversary of the first decade of Riot Games' flagship game, the studio announced a plethora of novelties for the MOBA that popularized e-sport, including the upcoming release of League of Legends, the true, on mobile. Its absence on iOS and Android app stores has allowed countless copies to proliferate. Arena of Valor and especially Vainglory were able to experience some glory on mobile and tablet in the absence of the giant Riot Games, with a style of play particularly suited to touch. However, the developers of these clones must have had cold sweats before the announcements of Riot Games, and in particular the pure and simple port of League of Legends on iOS and Android, dubbed League of Legends: Wild Rift, and here are the first images:

    However, Riot Games does not fall into the ease and announced wanting to adapt his game to this new format. The matches will last less (15 to 20 minutes), and controls will be completely redesigned for the touch. As for the bonuses and other skins, they will not, alas, not shared between the desktop version of the title and its mobile inclination. Nevertheless, we note that Riot Games took advantage of this new declination to improve the software graphically.

    The League of Legends: Wild Rift beta will be available at the end of the year, and pre-registration to enjoy it is already open. It will be released officially next year on both iOS and Android. With this title, Riot Games certainly hopes to become the king of e-sport again, after the Fortnite tornado and the good idea of ​​Epic Games to adapt it as fast as possible on mobile which allowed him to surpass his rival in term of audience on Twitch.

    Note also that Riot Games also announced League of Legends Esports Manager, a management game way Football Manager in the world of LoL, without really detailing the principle. A documentary titled League of Legends Origins and directed by Leslie Iwerks (The Pixar Story) will also see the day in 2020.

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