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  • Monday, December 23, 2019

    Roborock S5 Max: discover all the talents of the new cleaning champion

    Roborock S5 Max: discover all the talents of the new cleaning champion

    The latest robot vacuum cleaner, Roborock's robot uses a host of sensors to optimize all home cleaning operations. Portrait of an autonomous ace of cleanliness.

    Impressive. It took only three short years for Roborock, the Chinese company powered by Xiaomi, to establish itself as one of the main players in the highly competitive vacuum robot market. A success that is essentially the excellent value for money that benefit all models unveiled so far. And which obviously characterizes the S5 Max. but is accompanied by several innovations designed to further improve cleaning efficiency.

    Power and efficiency

    To begin with the washing of the grounds. As underlined by the name "Max", the S5 incorporates a water tank with a capacity of 280 ml. That seems little to you? Make no mistake. Thanks to a perfect optimization of the liquid consumption, the robot is able to wash a surface of 200 m2 in one go, or to brick a house of 65 m2 three times! In addition, it incorporates a clever device based on springs, which applies a constant pressure of 300 grams on the mop, regardless of the level of filling of the tank. And to ensure a perfect wash, the S5 Max passes twice at the same place during the session.

    And the aspiration then? It is just as rigorous, again thanks to the integration of the best technologies of the moment. First, its powerful engine allows it to climb on mats up to 2 cm thick! In addition, the robot automatically adapts the force of the suction to the support it travels. It can engulf an object as heavy as an AA battery, even if the dust bin is almost full. Suffice to say that the dog's hair, hair and bread crumbs scattered in the fibers of the carpet do not long resist its pugnacity.

    Intelligence and Technology

    If the S5 Max is as comfortable to suck as to wash the floors, it is because it has an armada of algorithms developed specifically to carry out each task entrusted to it, and which 'rely on a wealth of data transmitted in real time by its many sensors. Including LIDAR. This 300 rpm laser remote-sensing laser - the same technology that is used in prototypes of autonomous vehicles - constantly scans the environment, allowing the robot to map every corner of the habitat, with a precision of 2 cm!

    The more it travels around the premises, and the more precision refines, which you can see thanks to the Roborock application for Smartphone and Tablet. The 2D map that is displayed is not only interesting to show you the effectiveness of LIDAR. It is used primarily to program the robot.

    Yes, the S5 Max sucks and washes the floors. But as you probably do not want it to wet your carpets and rugs, you will simply draw on the map, the areas that it must not wash. Or the ones he does not have to clean up, like Lego's kid's playroom, or that corner of the room where you've tried to hide the many cables from your home theater system. But do not worry, his sensors allow him to get closer to the sensitive areas without encroaching him and also prevent him from being trapped under a piece of furniture under which he would have slipped.

    Roborock S5 Max: a connected vacuum cleaner

    That's not all. Thanks to the application, you can also indicate the amount of water to be used to wash a particular room, according to the expected staining. Of course, you can also indicate the cleaning hours or determine the frequency of passage in different areas of the habitat. In this regard, note that the robot uses its knowledge of the environment to optimize the cleaning operation.

    Thus, if it detects that its autonomy is not sufficient to clean the whole of a room, it rejoins its docking station in order to recharge, not entirely, but just what it takes to complete the rather than just a part of it. Also, be aware that since the robot is connected to your home network, you can program it remotely, or see how it works. And even order it by voice, if you have a Google assistant or Amazon Alexa! But as it is most often during your absence that the S5 Max will come into action, the app will alert you when it will empty the dust bin or fill the water tank.

    Pre-order at a reduced price!

    For the launch of the product, Roborock and AliExpress have booked a surprise. During the pre-order period, take advantage of a $ 22 early-bird coupon to claim when you add the Roborock S5 Max to your cart. Keep it warm in your basket, because you will have to get up early on November 11th, day of the launch, to benefit:
    • S5 Max at the special launch price of 450 euros, a direct savings of 99 euros;
    • A promotional code GPS5MX of 11 euros to use when finalizing the purchase;
    • And a free fitness tracker bracelet if you are one of the first 150 buyers!

    In total, thanks to the various offers put in place by Roborock and AliExpress, An offer not to be missed.

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