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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Samsung Galaxy S11: design, battery, camera... update on the latest rumors

    Samsung Galaxy S11: design, battery, camera... update on the latest rumors

    In recent days, many noises circulate on social networks about Galaxy S11. Samsung's future high-end smartphones will be launched in mid-February.

    Little by little, the Galaxy S11 are revealed. After months of silence, some of the most famous "leakers" are starting to swing their "information" on Samsung's future high-end smartphones. For example, last week we mentioned the high-capacity batteries of these devices, which were supposed to offset the energy consumption of their 120 Hz and 5G displays.

    While waiting for the presentation of the Galaxy S11 (presumably scheduled for mid-February), here is a small summary of the rumors about these devices.

    Three screen sizes

    Like last year, Samsung should decline its new smartphone in three formats. According to Evan Blass, we would find a S11e (6.2 or 6.4 inches), an S11 (6.7 inches) and an S11 + (6.9 inches). Samsung has decided to kill the flat screen of his small model and propose a curved screen on its three Galaxy S11 this year, which suggests that the name "e" will not necessarily retained. It's a shame, we loved the little Galaxy S10e in 2019. The punch, where the front camera is located, would now be centered as on the Galaxy Note 10.

    According to other rumors, the Galaxy S11 would also adopt slabs at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Samsung already manufactures 90 Hz screens for others today (OnePlus) and has made its future chip, the Exynos 990, compatible with the 120 Hz. This novelty therefore seems logical.

    From the 5G... optional

    You've probably noticed if you know the current Galaxy S10 range, the Galaxy S11 would be much bigger than their predecessors. There is a reason for this: Samsung needs to insert high capacity batteries into its smartphones to offset their energy consumption. Indeed, the 5G consumes a lot today.

    According to Evan Blass, there would be five declensions of S11 in total. Samsung would offer a S11e 4G, S11e 5G, S11 4G, S11 5G and S11 + 5G. The largest model would be the only one not to offer a 4G version and should be the most expensive.

    Very high capacity batteries

    According to the Ice-Universe leaker, the smallest of the Galaxy S11 would carry a battery of 4000 mAh. That's 900 mAh more than the current Galaxy S10e, which proves that Samsung plans to make progress on this side. The largest of the Galaxy S11 + approaching his side of 5000 mAh, which is really huge.

    Should we expect a record of autonomy? As noted above, the Galaxy S11's 120 Hz refresh rate displays and their 5G compatibility should strongly charge their battery. It is therefore too early to say here.

    108 Mpix and zoom x5

    Finally, Samsung knows he is highly anticipated on the photo with his Galaxy S11. Caught up by Huawei, Google or Apple, the Korean manufacturer will have to impress with its new terminals. Ice-Universe says that the company has decided to use a 108 Mpix sensor (compatible with pixel-binning so for shots taken in 27 Mpix) on its new devices. That would not be a surprise, Samsung is already making sensors like the ISOCELL Bright HMX used by Xiaomi on its Mi Note 10. This sensor also has the advantage of being particularly effective at night, an area where Samsung has need to strengthen today.

    Finally, the SamMobile website discovered that Samsung has filed the trademark "Space Zoom". It could be the name of the super-zoom Galaxy S11. These smartphones could indeed embed a telephoto lens to provide an optical zoom x5. Ice-Universe goes even further by claiming that the technology used by Samsung is not "classic" and that the company would innovate in this area.

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