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  • Monday, December 23, 2019

    Should we wear anti-blue light glasses when we are players?

    Should we wear anti-blue light glasses when we are players?

    When you're a player, we spend a lot of time in front of the screens. However, the famous blue light is everywhere. Whether it's your TV during a big gaming session, your computer while you're watching your latest articles or on your smartphone, it can hurt your health. What can be done to mitigate the effects? Should we wear anti-blue light glasses like Lusee when we are players? What can we do ?

    What are the effects of blue light?

    First of all, it must be remembered that the light, of white appearance, actually contains a lot of colors. If we show the spectrum of white light, we can see all the possible nuances. However, blue light is present in much larger proportions in the LEDs that make up our screens, that is to say, in many connected devices such as our smartphones, tablets or televisions ...

    However, this blue light can have several adverse health effects, especially if you spend too much time on the screens. Several studies, such as that of ANSES in 2010 and many others after it, have shown that overexposure to this shade can "accelerate the depletion of our light capital". If we talk about long-term problems, in the short term, the symptoms are less marked but still present as sleep disorders and a greater visual fatigue.

    How to protect yourself from blue light?

    Do we have to worry about this blue light? To tell the truth, yes and no, everything depends on the daily exposure to this source. A Oregon State University study published Oct. 17 in the journal Nature has shown that it could be responsible for a decrease in our life expectancy in case of high exposure. Of course, to reach these risks, we must be particularly exposed, not to mention the fact that we are all more or less sensitive to light (like UV with our skin).

    However, without necessarily taking big steps, there are some tips that can be given to reduce exposure to blue light and mitigate its effects. Some habits to take everyday during your big games sessions on the recent Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Pokémon Sword / Shield for example!

    Decrease its exposure

    Council a little stupid you say and yet, the simplest that we can give you: play on the duration. To lower its exposure to blue light, just be less in front of the screen, right? If you can win, especially when you spend a big day on a computer at work, avoid going back without a real desire in the evening for example.

    Lower the brightness and increase the distance

    If you watch TV regularly, you can move backward. Having a TV farther away will reduce the aggressiveness of this blue light. Of course, this is not possible with all devices, including computer screens or in some configurations. Do not hesitate to play on the brightness and lower (or make it automatic depending on the light around).

    Add a blue light filter

    Many devices now have an option to add a blue light filter. This is the case of recent smartphones: if you have a mobile phone, look in the settings, it is often possible to add this parameter.

    On a computer, especially Windows 10, you can adjust this with the Nightlight setting. Just go into your options and play the Night Color Temperature. You will detect a more orange light, so warmer, and that will attenuate the presence of blue.

    Wear anti-blue light glasses

    This is an alternative used by many gamers: wear anti-blue light glasses. It must be said that many players are now to wear and you have probably already noticed during livestreams on Twitch. There are now glasses dedicated to this, as mentioned in the first paragraph. If you need glasses, you can only suggest to talk to your optician who can advise you on the choice of glasses adapted to your vision.

    Some habits

    Finally, let's not forget simple habits: "rest" your eyes for a few seconds at regular intervals, especially if you work on a computer. Put the controller ten minutes every hour and a half if you're in a big game session. If you're used to reading on a tablet, use a reader instead.

    And of course, avoid the screens just before sleeping. This is probably already out of the mouth of a loved one, but nothing better than a little paper reading before bed! Nothing like our section dedicated to video game books for once.

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