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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Snapchat launches scribble tool on augmented reality faces

    Snapchat launches scribble tool on augmented reality faces

    Dubbed "3D Paint", the new drawing tool of Snapchat has the particularity of following the movements of its user. The social network uses augmented reality to create fun concepts.

    Snapchat has always been the social network of the imagination. Thanks to its drawing tools, the application is from its beginnings the perfect place for the one who loves to draw on the face of his friends (without daring to do it in real life). Thanks to augmented reality, the company has just announced a major update of this function. "3D Paint" allows your masterpiece to stick to a face even if the person is talking or moving.

    3D drawings

    To use "3D Paint", you have to go to the AR Bar (the place where Snap offers different applications based on augmented reality). You can then choose different brushes, different patterns and different colors and then have fun painting reality. In addition to face drawings, it is also possible to write a word in a room and to go back to see it in full in the field. Indeed, the drawings take into account the depth of the space.

    Snapchat is not the first to offer such a feature. Launched in August with the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung's AR Brush app has exactly the same concept. The power of the social network, which is returning to growth recently, should nonetheless help it to enhance the tool.

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