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  • Monday, December 23, 2019

    Street Fighter V: The Champion Edition will be released in February 2020

    Street Fighter V: The Champion Edition will be released in February 2020

    After an Arcade version last year, Street Fighter V will offer in 2020 its Champion version - as the tradition of the famous Capcom franchise. This Champion Edition will be accompanied by a return to the two-tone skin.

    For Mr. Bison, it will only be a Friday like the others. But for aficionados of fighting games, February 14, 2020 will be something special. That day will release the "Champion Edition" Street Fighter V, the latest flagship of Capcom combat video game. After an initial first edition released in 2016 and an edition "Arcade" two years later, the tradition of successive versions of Street Fighter continues with this last iteration, albeit at an increased speed. This new edition will include all exclusive content to the publisher, Capcom, accumulated in the game since its initial release: 40 fighters, 34 sets and more than 200 costumes. Note that content from DLCs in association with another brand or publisher, Capcom Pro Tour DLCs and none of the unlocked costumes in Divination mode will not be included.

    The Champion Edition Street Fighter V also comes with a ghost. Gill, the ultimate boss of Street Fighter III, will be in the game. Half red, half blue and sporting long golden hair like a super Saiyan, Gill is a master of the elements but also the leader of the very soberly named Secret Society who plots for the fulfillment of an apocalyptic prophecy. For any holder of a previous version of Street Fighter V, the content of the Champion Edition is available today by pre-ordering an "Upgrade Kit", valid from February 14th. The game will be available, once again, in physical version and dematerialized on PS4 and only in paperless on PC. As a reminder, for the previous installment of the saga, Street Fighter IV, its Champion Edition (released in 2017) had marked the end of its development. A possible Street Fighter VI would it be en route? In July 2019, Yoshinori Ono - one of the producers of the game at Capcom - had nevertheless cut short this rumor. In other words: not yet Hadouken sixth version in sight for now.

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