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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Tim Cook wants the iPhone to replace your computers

    Tim Cook wants the iPhone to replace your computers

    The CEO of Apple explains that it is the uses of employees that have pushed the manufacturer to add year after year of features dedicated to business iOS.

    The iPhone and iPad are today tools used daily in societies. Lighter, more mobile, these devices also have a wide range of productivity applications, allowing you to work without the heaviness inherent in traditional computing.

    Consumer devices quickly adopted by employees

    But the company was not an immediate priority for Apple to launch the iPhone in 2007. Tim Cook, at a conference hosted by software vendor Salesforce, said it's the employees themselves same who forced the builder to look into the subject.

    "After the appearance of the iPhone, people started taking iPhone in the business and they started saying" Hey, we want you to do this and that"... and have the operating system which is the best for the company," he explains.

    For Tim Cook, the iPhone in business goes through the development of dedicated applications

    Today, the 500 largest US companies are using iPhones and iPads for their business, and eight out of ten companies are developing their own iOS apps. But that's not enough for Tim Cook, who wants to make the iPhone the central device of the company.

    "For far too many people, mobile is navigation, email and messaging. All this is important, but we can say that the way you change the business is to use mobile applications," he adds.

    These words were supported by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who said his smartphone was an extension of his office: "I run my business on my phone, I have not even had a computer for years".

    Salesforce also took advantage of this event to announce the new version of its Trailhead GO learning app, which includes features reserved for the iOS platform.

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