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  • Saturday, December 21, 2019

    Twitch Studio goes into open beta, to you easy streaming

    Twitch Studio goes into open beta, to you easy streaming

    Twitch, platform mainly dedicated to video game streaming, enriches its service offering with free software dedicated to broadcasting and does not require hours of handling to be mastered.

    Streaming for the less comfortable. Studio, Twitch's first video streaming software, is now available in open beta. And for free. This application - which only works on PC (Windows 7 and above) for the moment - is intended to help people who want to start broadcasting content but are not very familiar with the subject.

    Studio aims to simplify the life of budding presenters by providing a clear and simplified interface that has some skins for your future channel. No need to worry about acquiring other software or plug-in to stream, Studio already incorporates the necessary.

    Studio takes care of everything

    It is also the software that will be responsible for detecting all the devices needed for broadcasting (Webcam, microphone, screens) and your acquisition card (4 Elgato and 6 Avermedia for the moment) and to apply settings for everything to work perfectly.

    It is of course possible to put your hands under the hood to refine the settings later, if you wish. As on the most successful software, a system of notifications and alerts is included, to interact with your nascent community.

    So, if you want to get started in the broadcast of your exploits on the occasion of the release on PC and consoles, this Friday, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, you just have to open a Twitch account, download Studio Beta, get acquainted with it and invite your friends to watch you.

    Finally, as with any beta, Studio may experience some stability concerns and if you spot a recurring problem or bug, a reporting system is built into the tool to get back to the developers.
    A Frequently Asked Questions also lists the most common and known problems as well as some good tips for starting your streamer career in the best possible conditions.

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