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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Twitter now allows you to subscribe to topics rather than people

    Twitter now allows you to subscribe to topics rather than people

    Do not know which accounts to follow on Twitter? The social network sets up the possibility of subscribing to a subject to discover which are the most relevant people.

    Follow specific topics rather than people. This is the latest Twitter find to simplify the first contact with the social network. The function begins its deployment this week and will be available for everyone on November 13th.

    Twitter had started testing this "Topics" feature as early as last August, only on the Android app. It will also be available on iOS. Approximately 300 different topics will be proposed at first, relating to sport, entertainment and video games.

    Possible thanks to machine learning

    Since its inception Twitter envisioned the establishment of this function, but lacked the technological resources to do so. More than ten years after its launch, the company can now use machine learning to achieve this.

    A reporter from The Verge was able to test the process. By doing a research on a particular topic, a box at the top of the results offers him to subscribe. Concretely, Twitter will then display in its timeline a selection of related tweets. Each of these tweets is then identified as an apartment on this specific subject.

    We will soon be able to exclude topics

    Twitter also explains that it will be possible in the future to do the same thing on the contrary: prevent tweets related to a subject from appearing in his timeline. A feature that will delight users tired of seeing football tweets on the night of the Champions League.

    The social network hopes that Topics will make it easier for new subscribers to discover its use. One can be quickly lost during his first contact with Twitter, not really knowing who to follow. This feature highlights relevant accounts to follow to be informed about a topic that interests us. A good way to take ownership of Twitter faster.

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