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  • Monday, December 23, 2019

    West of Dead announced: the far-west has never been so dark

    West of Dead announced: the far-west has never been so dark

    A new independent game was unveiled at X019 November 14, its name: West of Dead. With a very dark atmosphere in a universe that is reminiscent of the movie Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage, the new game Raw Fury Studios (Bad North, Sand...) takes us into a tormented America.

    Death in the kits

    It must be said that the trailer has something to intrigue. The player plays William Mason, a man who wakes up from death in a small Wyoming town, Purgatory, in 1888. A place where darkness and sins merge with howling and damnation.

    The world will be constantly changing thanks to a random modeling of the zones (thus promising a certain replayability) where you have to face enemies as skeletal as you are in order to fight for your "life" and thus return the damned souls to hell.

    The official website states that "when a dead person wakes up with only the memory of a black silhouette, then a succession of events will be triggered that will have mythical consequences". Mystery, then.

    A neat realization

    The gameplay promises to be punctuated, without downtime, with the aim of moving from shelter to shelter avoiding attacks from enemies. The game will therefore appeal to our reflexes, our precision and our skill because it is a two stick shooter. The story will be narrated by a man whose recognizable deep voice, Ron Perlman, already at work in the series Sons of Arnachy or the movie Hellboy.

    The game will benefit from cartoon type graphics with shadows in shades of black, white and red via the cel-shading process. The player will also face bosses who will surely close a succession of clash rooms. The game will not necessarily be violent in its progress because it currently has a PEGI 7 ranking.

    A beta is already available

    The game will be released in 2020 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch but a beta is now open in which you can register, but only on Xbox One until November 25. Note that the game will also be available in the Xbox Game Pass as soon as it is released.

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