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  • Monday, December 23, 2019

    This drone can fly for two hours in a row

    This drone can fly for two hours in a row

    While the public drones reach at best the 25 minutes, the start-up Impossible Aerospace chose a battery-oriented approach in the design of its drone US-1. Result, an autonomy of 2 hours.

    A start-up has reimagined the way drones are designed to create a model with record-breaking autonomy. Impossible Aerospace has just unveiled the US-1, an electric drone that can fly for two hours in a row without recharging. This is about four times more than the autonomy that the current UAVs offer, which is around 25 minutes.

    The design of the US-1 is very specific. The company has adopted a battery-centric approach. The interior of the chassis is filled with lithium-ion cells, allowing it to break a record of flying time and compete with thermal engine drones.

    "It's not so much an airplane as a flying battery, exploiting an energy source that serves as its main structure," says Spencer Gore, Impossible Aerospace's CEO. "This is how electric airplanes must be designed to compete with conventional designs and replace fossil fuels in aviation."

    The team that worked on the US-1 includes engineers specializing in batteries and motors that went through Tesla and SpaceX. Impossible Aerospace began selling the first copies of its drone equipped with cameras and thermal sensors to police, firefighters and rescue teams in the United States. The US-1 will be marketed from the end of the year for $ 7,500 excluding accessories.

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