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  • Sunday, January 26, 2020

    Tim Cook threw Mark Zuckerberg a subtle spade, saying that augmented reality doesn't isolate people

    Tim Cook threw Mark Zuckerberg a subtle spade, saying that augmented reality doesn't isolate people

    Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to have subtly attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg because of their differing views on the future of technology. Tim Cook was in Dublin to receive an award for Apple's investment in Ireland, and during the event he spoke freely in an interview. When asked about his tech forecast for the next five to ten years, Tim Cook said he believes augmented reality will be an important part of tech's future. "I think this is the next big innovation, and it is going to intrude everywhere in our lives," he said, as reported by the specialized site Silicon Republic.

    Apple has chosen to put augmented reality before virtual reality, which is more immersive. The company launched out in augmented reality, by integrating this technology to the iPhone and by facilitating the development of applications of augmented reality. A very popular application allows users to use their smartphones to measure real-world objects using the iPhone as a measuring tape.

    Tim Cook highlighted the use of augmented reality in games as well as more futuristic uses like showing tutorials in real life: "Imagine lying under your car to drain, and you not sure how to do it. You could use augmented reality."

    Augmented reality vs. virtual reality

    He then launched a fairly subtle spike to his rival Facebook, another tech giant, and to the social network's attempts to democratize virtual reality, a technology competing with augmented reality.

    Tim Cook went on to say, "I think [augmented reality] is something that doesn't isolate people. We can use it to open up the debate, it won't replace human connection, unlike to certain other technologies that worry me deeply for this reason."

    Although Tim Cook does not explicitly mention virtual reality, it is reasonable to think that this is what he is referring to.

    The two technologies are similar, but augmented reality projects images onto the world around us, while virtual reality requires the user to wear a helmet and immerse themselves in the virtual world.

    With Oculus, Facebook has bet everything on virtual reality

    The tech company that has visibly invested the most in the development of virtual reality for the general public is Facebook. The firm acquired the virtual reality company Oculus in 2014 for $ 2 billion (1.8 billion euros).

    At the time, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he saw virtual reality as the next big computing platform. And in a 2016 interview with Mathias Döpfner - CEO of US Business Insider parent company Axel Springer - Mark Zuckerberg refuted the idea that virtual reality can isolate people, saying "nothing could be further from the truth."

    In October 2019, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that his bet, that virtual reality would become the next major innovation, was taking "more time than expected to materialize".

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