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    Welcome to The360 News

    The360technology.com is the technology site of the group The360 Media.

    The360 Technology is a journalistic site specializing in the field of new technologies and the Geek universe. Passionate about High Tech, the site team uses its knowledge and know-how to inform you daily news in these areas, but also to educate you and advise you in the choice of mobile products such as smartphones, tablets, computers, music equipment or domestic robotics.

    News High Tech

    Every day, new technologies are honored on the site. Readers are informed of the trends and innovations that will revolutionize the world of tomorrow. We present in particular the news related to smartphones. We are also talking about innovations in space research. The performance records of satellites and probes sent into space are announced on the site. We keep our readers informed about everything happening in the world. We present all the innovations that will influence the world of tomorrow.

    Digital News

    All innovations related to applications accessible via smartphones, tablets and computers are presented on the web magazine. The most used solutions and software in the world are presented on the site. Updates and news are highlighted directly in the newsfeed.

    The360 Technology, It's also you

    The360 Technology has been designed so that all visitors can share their passion for the Geek universe from Geek culture (video games, movies, comics ...) to new technology products that are increasingly part of our daily lives. The360 Technology is also a site where you can interact with editors, leave your opinions and ask for more information or advice on the products we have tested.

    Note that The360 Technology will never be a finished product. We will continue to improve the site weeks after weeks to offer you the most relevant experience possible.